Bamboo BG 5 HD.jpg

128GB Bamboo Credit Card Size

2.0 Flash Drive

  1. USB connection,support Hot plug & Play.

  2. No external power supply

  3. Support different types of os.

  4. Solid State Storage, Shock proof and electromagnetic proof USB Drive is                  trusted Brand

  5. Fast speed in write/read transfer.

  6. Hardware Requirement: PC with USB connection for PC, Laptop, Notebook & MAC.

With our new ultra portable USB Memory Card, you can take anywhere, so convenient it slides straight into your wallet or purse.

Because it is made from 100% natural Bamboo it's very durable and will withstand every day to day use on the go.

This memory stick can hold all your data, images, work load, with it's extra large 128GB storage.

With this super small size memory stick, copying data and taking with you from work to home and on your travels couldn't be easier.

128GB Extra Large USB Storage


  • Our new Bamboo Memory Card is fully compatible with all OS.

  • Supports all Plug & Play Devices

  • Super large storage capability at 128GB

  • Ultra slim design at 5mm

  • Fast 2.0 transfer speed at 480 megabits per second

  • Slips into wallet or purse, super portable

  • 100% natural Bamboo

  • SanDisk memory components