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Bamboo 128GB 3.0 Flash Drive

With Bamboo Gift Box

Our new super portable flash drive lets you store all your data to take anywhere with you

So small and convenient to slip into your wallet or pocket, ideal for travel or just to and from work

Because it is made from 100% natural Bamboo it's very durable and will withstand every day to day use on the go.

This memory stick can hold all your data, images, work load, with it's extra large 128GB storage.

The internal components are the trusted brand                             so is the highest quality to last.

Take anywhere with you, on the go flash drive, fits in your bag, wallet, purse or backpack....

With this super small size memory stick, copying data and taking with you from work to home and on your travels couldn't be easier.

Extra Large 128GB, Super Fast Transfer Speed 3.0

Slide In Your Bag Or Purse On The Go......

The problems with normal external hard drives is that there bulky and heavy.

Our Bamboo Flash Drives only weighs 50g, so you don't even feel them in your wallet or purse.

Ultralight, ultra portable, extra large storage capability at 128GB.

Our Portable Natural Bamboo Extra Large 128GB Storage USB 3.0 Flash Drive Comes With This Beautiful Bamboo Gift Box

A Perfect Gift For Anyone, And Protecting The Environment

Being all natural Bamboo, this portable Flash Drive will last against everyday wear & tear from your day to day use.

Benefits Of Buying Our Natural Bamboo Portable Memory Cards


  • Super slim design

  • 3.0 Super Fast Transfer Speed

  • 625 Megabites Per Second

  • At just 8mm thick, you can slide straight into your wallet or purse for super portability.

  • Large 128GB Storage

  • Super large capability to store all your data and images on the go.

  • Ultra Lightweight 30g

  • So lightweight you will not notice in your wallet or purse while going to work.